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Location | Important Information for Guests

When to visit

GLGC usually flies every weekend (including long weekends) from May through October, weather permitting. We typically start flying after 10h00 Saturdays and 11h00 on Sundays. However, the activity at the field usually begins at least one hour before flying time, as members arrive to inspect and ready the gliders for flying. Visitors are welcome to drop by any time during GLGC's hours of operation.

Introductory Instructional Flights are flown between 13h00 and 17h00.

Reservations should be made by contacting 416 466 7016 a few days ahead of time.

The flying order may be changed at the discretion of the field operations manager to maximize appropriate use of the gliders and to balance introductory instructional and member flights.

If you would like to come for a Introductory Instructional Flight, we recommend that you pick a day on which you have time to relax and you do not have time constraints. If you have not pre-arranged a flight time, we will add your name to the flight list and you may have a few hours to relax and enjoy the activity on the field or to visit the surrounding area.

What to bring

If you would like an Introductory Instructional Flight in a glider, we recommend that you bring sunglasses and a hat with a narrow brim but, preferably, no "button" on top. (Many baseball style caps have a button on top that might bump the canopy of the glider.) Running shoes are appropriate footwear. We also recommend that you bring water (or other non-alcoholic refreshments) and lunch or snacks. And don't forget to wear sunscreen!

If you are coming for an Introductory Instructional Flight, please complete a waiver form and present it to the Duty Manager at the flightline.

Where to park

Visitors are asked to please park behind the barn.

Getting to the flight line

From the parking area, visitors enter the taxi-way along which the gliders and our tow-plane are parked when not in use. The taxi-way leads to the runway (or airstrip).

Our airstrip is aligned in a west/east direction. The end we fly from depends on the direction of the wind. To walk to the end of the airstrip in use, please walk along the SOUTH edge of the airstrip. Do NOT cross or walk on the airstrip. Remember, sailplanes do not have motors and are SILENT. They do not make noise as they land.

Please introduce yourself to any person on the taxi-way or airstrip (unless he or she is assembling a glider (in that case, please respect the need for concentration).


Children are welcome at GLGC. However, because it is a very busy field with aircraft and other vehicles and also a working farm with farm equipment, it is necessary for visitors to keep children under close supervision at all times.


Keeping in mind that GLGC operates from a working farm, our facilities are "country casual". Washrooms are available and we have cold running water (not for drinking). There are picnic tables both close to the parking area (and away from the flight line) and at the flight line. We have chairs at the flight line and, on hot days, a canopy for shade at the flight line.

Please, no smoking

For insurance purposes, smoking is not permitted at the field (e-cigarettes included).

Visiting Local Attractions

Tottenham is ideally situated about 40 minutes northwest of Toronto. Growing tourist traffic is attracted throughout the summer by the steam-train that commutes to Beeton. Tottenham has a variety of eateries, from fine dining to casual. Tottenham is also the host of an annual bluegrass festival.

Families will enjoy the other attractions in our immediate vicinity which include Woodington Lake Golf Course, a golf driving range and coaching centre and an attractive campground.

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